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Variety 104.7

Welcome to the Soundtrack of Variety 104.7 radio station that keeps your mind and memories alive today! The songs from this radio station always refresh your mind. Here you can find Soft Adult Contemporary sounds of proven hit music by Elton John, Elvis Presley, the Bee Gees, Chicago, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Air Supply, Dion Warwick, Michael Buble, The Beatles, Anne Murray, Whitney Houston, and the Carpenters to name a few. It offers listeners an on-demand service, including a streaming archive of every original live show and a permanent archive of its in-house sessions.

The vision of Variety 104.7 is to maintain an excellent community-based music station around the country – present a high-quality, eclectic, host-driven mix of music and conversation that collectively reflects the community they serve, with an emphasis on local and regional talent. Here you can also find news and public affairs programs that spotlight national and international issues. Variety 104.7 radio stations use cutting-edge technologies and strategies to maximize the potential audience.

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Variety 104.7
Variety 104.7