Informanté Radio

Informanté Radio is the radio broadcasting wing by Informanté News, Namibia’s biggest news platform. Informanté Radio strives to inform, interpret and entertain the people of Namibia through educational reports, supporting wealth creation and the prosperity of the country. It has received the prestigious PMR Award. Informanté Radio is the best online radio for news from Namibia. It covers all aspects of day to day affairs. Business, environment, entertainment, sports, opinion, classifieds and news on many other topics are covered by Informanté.

Informanté Radio is a commercial radio station & production facility. Providing advertising, entertainment and brand development.

About Informanté Radio:



Facebook: informantenam

Twitter: @informantenews

Instagram: informante_news

Language: English

Contact Number: +264 61 275 4178

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Informanté Radio