Radio Tipaza – تيبازة

Radio Tipaza is an Algerian online radio station that is part of Radio Algerie. The radio is broadcasting in French and has plentiful of news-based programs and some musical presentation too. The radio covers day to day life matters of Tipasa. Also, it covers the latest happening things in the social, national, international, political, economical, lifestyle, health, entertainment etc. arena. It is the first choice for an online news-based radio to the people of Tipasa. The radio and all of its programs and behind the scene jobs are done by young, serious, dynamic and experienced group of people. The information and other services it provides to the listeners are very engaging and unbiased, this is why listeners tunes to radio every day in thousands of numbers from. In sort this is a radio where listeners will get lots of programs on Everyday News update, cultural, social, religious, health, games and musical topics.

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Facebook: tipazafm

Language: French, Arabic

Contact Number: +213 24 37 67 67

Address: cité administrative 42000 Tipasa, Tipaza, Algeria

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Radio Tipaza
Radio Tipaza - تيبازة