Radio Medea – المدية

Radio Medea – المدية is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Algeria. It broadcasts in the French language. You can listen to many different types of programs in genres such as news, education, talk show, etc. Médéa is the capital city of Médéa Province, Algeria. It is located roughly 68 km south of Algiers. The town is French in character, with a rectangular city plan, red tile-roofed buildings, and beautiful public gardens. The hills surrounding Médéa are covered with vineyards, orchards, and farms that yield abundant grain. This region has own traditional culture and community bonding. Radio Medea is committed to promoting Algerian Culture, Music, News, and many more through their station. Radio Medea – المدية official website is Country: Algeria and Genre: news. Originally it is a news based radio channel plays around the clock 24 hours live online.

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Radio Medea - المدية
Radio Medea - المدية