Radio Dzair Aures

Radio Dzair Aures is an Algerian Radio station belongs to the Desire Radio Music Group, which broadcasts its waves over the Internet. This radio station is specialized in broadcasting in the French language and presenting world-famous music to its audience, thus, it will be Algeria’s window to world music. Here offering Pop, Arabic and various other musical programming centered on the Algerian variety, variety of titles, subtle mix of genres and eras. Although their main genre of choice is Pop but here also playing songs from genres like Rock, urban, r n b, etc. Radio Dzair Aures plays all the attractive Pop music you love while striving to keep up with the desires of its listeners. This radio station is operating 24 hours and playing various genres of music, news, World Talk, Middle Eastern Talk, etc.

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Radio Dzair Aures
Radio Dzair Aures