Radio Boumerdes – بومرداس

Radio Boumerdes – بومرداس is named after the city Boumerdes where it is one of the most popular radio stations. Boumerdès, is one of the most beautiful towns on the Algerian coast with pretty sandy beaches. Boumerdès is also a university town. So it is easily understandable that this city is a very vibrant place. In order to a popular radio here, a broadcaster must focus on the things that are connected with its people. Radio Boumerdes – بومرداس does that like a master, it presents its listeners with some of the coolest musical programs rich in pop, hits, top 40, rock, cultural songs and much more. On top of its musical programs its news programs had their own followers making this radio favorite to both the music loves and to those who loves to keep them up to date with local and international news. Its also has very engaging talk shows. if you are searching for a perfect Algerian online radio packed with musical and news-based programs than Radio Boumerdes – بومرداس is one of the most popular Algerian internet radio online form Boumerdes city.

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Language: Français

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Radio Boumerdes
Radio Boumerdes - بومرداس