Radio Batna

Radio Batna is online news based radio station broadcast from Algeria. Here provides a wide variety of genres like Information, Local, News and Talk. Listeners from around the world can tune into this station which is broadcasting in the Arabic language. Users can listen to their dedicated different types of programmes in genres such as news, talk. The first air date of this radio station is December 29, 1994. It was launched by twenty-one employees divided into various departments, where 03 journalists, 03 technicians, and 03 steroids worked in addition to the rest of the employees of the administrative departments, protection, and security agents and drivers, and it broadcasts its programs on 94.4 FM. It is becoming an important radio for listeners of Algeria as it offers various news, cultural and entertainment programs and plays an important role in linking the region to the outside world. During the month of May of the year 2004, the radio was linked to the satellite, which allowed it to spread widely and allowed it to broadcast beyond the geographical area. Its vision is to fulfill the wishes of all its listeners about special news program and its mission is to contribute to preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Algeria. Radio Batna’s official website is It operates over the Internet, playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the basis of Algeria.

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Radio Batna
Radio Batna