Radio Ain Temouchent

Listen Radio Ain Temouchent Online. It is one of the most popular news based radio stations in Algeria. It broadcasts in French and Arabic languages. You can listen to many different types of programs in genres such as news, informative program, cultural program etc. This radio station was started broadcasting its programs in the early fifties during the Algerian revolution. Today, it broadcasts 24 hours in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish languages, and it also has 30 regional radio stations. Since it came under the guidance of the Ministry of Information, during the era of independence, the Radio station has been assigned public service tasks, and accordingly, the radio has worked to prepare and broadcast programs in the two national languages ​​(Arabic and Berber) as well as in foreign languages ​​(French, English, and Spanish). Radio Ain Temouchent official website is Country: Algeria, Genre: news. Listen to live Radio Ain Temouchent online a popular French radio station from Algeria.

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Radio Ain Temouchent
Radio Ain Temouchent