Radio Adrar

Radio Adrar is a famous Algerian radio station. It provide national and international news, Arabic programs, religious programs, entertainment programs etc. Before the year 1995, the state of Adrar suffered fatal media isolation, which was manifested in the absence of newspapers, the difficulty of having national TV broadcasting and radio programs, with the radio broadcasting being very limited. In the shadow of a terrible vacuum for the public media service, on June 04, 1995, the local media platform came out, Adrar Local Radio, which saw the light thanks to the endeavors and efforts of some intellectuals who contacted the wills to open a local media platform that bridges the media vacuum in the region. Then this radio station starts its programs with various news and talk and conversation. The start of broadcasting was four hours a day, and in 1997 it increased to 6 hours from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. In the year 2010, it rose to 13 hours, from seven in the morning to eight at night, with more than 45 programs in various fields. Listen to Radio Adrar and enjoy a wide variety of genres like Arabic and Religious programs.

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Twitter: @radioadrar

Soundcloud: radioadrar

Language: Arabic, French

Contact Number: +213 49 36 89 06

Address: شارع الشهيد سعيدي قادة أدرار L.P 309 Adrar, Algeria‎

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Radio Adrar - إذاعة أدرار الجهوية
Radio Adrar - إذاعة أدرار الجهوية