Electronic Beats

About Electronic Beats

Country: Germany

Genres: dance, electronic, house, techno, trance

Enjoy Electronic Beats broadcasts for free with FM Live Radio – the largest radio directory. It is a popular German radio station. It provides twenty-four hours (24h) mix of several genres and styles of music.  Here you can find the best electronic beats, dance, hands up, hardstyle, techno, trance, and much more. Electronic Beats is a 24-hour German radio station network.

Enjoy nonstop broadcasts on dance, electronic, house, techno, trance genres, and more. Electronic Beats broadcasters believe in providing real music variety, so listeners can enjoy a vast catalog of known and unknown tracks, from Country to Dance, Hip-Hop to Classical, Jazz to Alternative, house to techno, Rock to Folk, Trance to classical, Rock to Folk, Blues to Ethnic, and much more. The best well-known DJ’s plays energetic DJ songs. This radio is broadcasting from Germany. The official website is With having quality internet connection listeners can enjoy the well-organized playlist and DJ songs from anywhere of the world at any place with Electronic Beats.

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Electronic Beats
Electronic Beats