About Tropical

Country: Brazil

Genres: hits, pop

Rádio Tropical FM 87.9 is an online radio station broadcasts from São Paulo, Brazil. Here you will find all the news regarding the broadcaster and tropical, hits and pop music. Here you can also find traditional music, contemporary, Latin pop, and samba dance music. This radio station was operating since May 1985.

Tropical music is a category used in the music industry to denote Latin music from the Caribbean. It also refers to a music format common in Latin music radio stations. It encompasses music from the Spanish-speaking islands and coasts of the Caribbean, as well as genres rooted in this region such as salsa. Among the most popular tropical styles are salsa, merengue, vallenato, cumbia, and bachata.

Listen to Tropical for free online with FM Live Radio. It broadcasts programs in genres including hits, pop. Dedicated to listeners worldwide to listen to programs in the Portuguese language from Brazil. The official website is It follows a popular trend, being part of the daily life of the community and bringing, through FM 87.9 frequency, much more entertainment to the listener.

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