Radio Geração 3

Radio Geração 3 and Brazilian Popular music are connected to each other for many in fact, for thousands of listeners across the country. It is among brazil’s popular radio stations and was launched on May 1, 2017. Rádio Geração 3 is the result of a communication project, integrating the concept of conventional local radio with the modern and successful concept of communication, through online radio service.  Geração 3 is committed to bringing music, news and interactive programs according to the likings of its listeners across the country. Live 24 hours, with a unique programming style, the radio aims to enhance the radio listening experience for its listeners. Loaded with all the qualities a modern-day online radio can dream of, it seeks to bring the kind of daily musical programs that the online listeners can enjoy from anywhere.  Enriched with a lot of information, it calls the public to participate more actively in the city’s problems and suggest solutions too. Aiming to become the number one radio station from brazil the radio incorporates all the modern-day digital broadcasting technology so that listeners can enjoy their time with Radio Geração 3 with crystal clear sound.

Contact Details-




Twitter: @radiogeracao3

Instagram: radiogeracao3

Language:  Português

Contact Number: +55 62 99405-8043

WhatsApp: +55 62 99405-8043

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Radio Geração 3
Radio Geração 3