Heavy Metal Ears Radio

Heavy Metal Ears Radio plays the best Heavy metal of the world from Brazil! Its an online radio that takes the responsibility to entertain the world with the best of the best classic metal songs to be found anywhere in the world. If you are a classic metal music fan than this is it, this is the radio you need to know for the finest metal programs on any radio in the planet. Heavy Metal Ears Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best of Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Metal Music from the early 70s to todays biggest titles, this radio has them all covered with class leading presentation and equally exciting DJ’s like its songs. Here listeners will enjoy their favorite Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music anytime they want! You love Thrash Metal songs? Well Thrash Metal is present in great numbers too here, yes its that exciting of an online radio for metal music. you just need to tune to the radio and start listening to the best metal radio on planet. No Black, no Nu, no Goth, just the more Pure Hard/Heavy /Thrash Metal!

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Language: Português

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Heavy Metal Ears Radio
Heavy Metal Ears Radio