Federal FM

Federal FM is live broadcasting from Passos, Brazil in Portuguese. As an online radio the radio is using all the possible modern broadcasting tech to ensure listeners the very best of radio listening experience. The radio has lots of Educational and cultural content as an public radio station. Federal FM is a broadcaster of the Federal Institute known as Federal do Sul de Minas (IFSULDEMINAS), Passos campus. The proposal of radio is to offer quality content to the city and region, through educational and cultural programs. The content is produced by high school and higher education students from the Passos campus. Federal FM is also a partner of Radio France International, Deustche Welle and Radio Inconfidência. The radio first aired online on July 26, 2018. As per its musical programs, music of all genres like Rock, pop rock, MPB, samba, pagode etc. for all listeners are played at the radio. There are also lots of informational and sports shows available too.

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Facebook: federalfm

Language: Português

Contact Number: +55 35 3526-4856

Address: R. Mario Ribola, 409 – Penha II
37903-358 Passos, Minas Gerais

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Federal FM
Federal FM