Radio Easy FM Aruba

About Radio Easy FM Aruba

Country: Aruba

Genres: pop

Easy FM Aruba is totally music based radio station, broadcasts ay 97.9 FM frequency. Here provide various kind mix genres of sophisticated music with a familiar, warm easygoing pop and soft hits-song from the ’70s ’80s, ’90s and today; perfect for the modern listener. It primarily targets adult listeners with a fresh, unique sound that is appealing to the listeners as well as the advertisers. Every song and every element is carefully tested. So listeners can enjoy every program.

Easy FM is able to please both listener and advertiser. The “more music less talk” concept has become very popular among today’s listeners worldwide and Aruba is no exception. This radio station primary journeyed on-air in Curacao in 14 January 1995. Throughout Aruba in 2004. Easy FM 97.9 includes a special formatting: soft-hits that in shape the actual multi-language.

Listen to Radio Easy FM Aruba for free online with FM Live Radio. It broadcasts programs in genres including pop. Here you also find mostly hits music and songs from North America, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Dedicated to listeners worldwide to listen to programs in the English language from Aruba. The official website is Where music says more than words!

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Radio Easy FM Aruba
Radio Easy FM Aruba