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About FM Viva

Country: Argentina

Genres: 90s, adult contemporary, entertainment, news, pop, rock, talk

ViVA is an online radio station broadcasts from Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina. This radio station air in HOT/AC format, with a theme dedicated to current music, 80s, 90s, 2k, in Spanish and English languages. Start your morning with the music you want to listen to, all the news, and your favorite artists. The aim of this radio station is to strive to achieve something as big and as difficult as reaching people’s hearts.

FM Viva brings you the friendly voices of the community plus a wide range of music, including classical, 90s, adult contemporary, entertainment, news, pop, rock, talk, jazz, and country. Some popular programs are – Abre La Disco, Bien Lento Al Oido, Grecia Viva, Porque Hoy Es Sabado, San Viernes, Satelite Buenos Aires, Se Hace Tarde, Smooth Jazz, Viva En Compania, Viva En Concierto.

Enjoy FM Viva broadcasts for free with FM Live Radio – the largest radio directory. FM Viva is a 24-hour Spanish radio station network. Enjoy nonstop broadcasts on 90s, adult contemporary, entertainment, news, pop, rock, talk genres, and more. Entertainment, information, news, and music make up the majority of the varied programming that this radio provides to listeners of all ages, always seeking to please and rejoice in your day to day. This radio is broadcasting from Argentina. The official website is

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FM Viva
FM Viva