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Launched in 2014 El Destape Radio is among the most popular online radio-based news portal in Buenos Aires. Everything you need to know about Politics in Argentina and around the world. Last Minute, True and Uncensored Politics News. All Relevant Journalism is what El Destape is known for. Its day-long programs cover Economy, Policy, Publishing, Society, Research, Culture, Sports and many other topics. Although it’s mainly a radio on news and information, El Destape Radio is also well known for its entertainment programs. It covers all the news and happening things from the entertainment world as well as plays lots of hottest music from various genres too.

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Facebook: ElDestapeRadio

Twitter: @eldestape_radio

Instagram: eldestaperadio

Wikipedia: El_Destape_Web

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: 1125809360

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El Destape Radio