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Country: Albania

Genres: news, talk

RFI (Radio France Internationale) is a French news radio station, broadcast worldwide in French and in 12 foreign languages. It is a Foreign Service department of French radio stations. RFI Monde is a French Media based News radio station. This radio station broadcasts in Tirana, Albania. RFI broadcasts 24 hours per day across the world in French and in 12 other languages in FM, shortwave, mediumwave, satellite, and on its website. It is one of the most listened to international radio stations in the world, along with BBC World Service, Voice of America, and China Radio International.

Radio France Internationale, usually referred to as RFI, is a French public radio service that broadcasts in Paris and all over the world. RFI was created in 1975 as part of Radio France by the Government of France. RFI operates under the auspices and primary budget of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is a channel of the state company Government of France through France M├ędias Monde.

You can tune into RFI Monde for free anytime on FM Live Radio. RFI Monde is a 24-hour French radio station. Let’s enjoy RFI Monde broadcasting from Albania. It broadcasts primarily in French, but also in English, Swahili, Hausa, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Persian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. The programs range various genres that include news, talk. The official website is

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RFI Monde
RFI Monde