Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM

About Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM

Country: Albania

Genres: culture, eclectic, talk

Radio Spektrum 96.4 is an online-based Albanian radio station broadcasting from Tirana, Albania. Here provide News and Talk programs. Here also broadcast various kind of latest hip hop, culture, eclectic, classic, dance, electronic, etc. music. Radio Spektrum is committed to promoting Albanian Culture, Music, News, and many more through its station. Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM is a radio station for all ages!

You can tune into Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM for free anytime on FM Live Radio. Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM is a 24-hour Albanian radio station. Let’s enjoy Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM broadcasting from Albania. The programs range various genres that include culture, eclectic, talk. Although this radio channel is licensed as a music station, much of its schedule consists of secular music programming, including news, culture, eclectic, talk. The official website is Among the people of all ages, this radio station plays music programs and talk shows 24 hours live online.

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Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM
Radio Spektrum 96.4 FM