Radio Emanuel

About Radio Emanuel

Country: Albania

Genres: Christian, gospel, talk

Radio Emanuel is an Albanian radio station broadcasting from Albania. Here provides Christian Contemporary, Gospel, and Talk programs. The mission of this radio station is to spread Christian Religion and Gospel. The primary objective would be to uncover the planet Christ, who’s the origin associated with Existence, the only really expect an answer. Its vision is to increase the coverage area and put it at the service of every person who is looking for the truth.

In February 2002, Radio Emanuel was licensed to broadcast in the Korça Prefecture. Within the same month, Radio Emanuel began broadcasting 24 hours a day, with Christian programming and music for its audience. Radio Emanuel continues its broadcast and operates through an antenna system. The main antenna transmits at a frequency of 95.7 Mhz and transmits the signal to the entire network of other antennas.

Tune in online Radio Emanuel for free on FM Live Radio. Radio Emanuel is an Albanian radio station that is live 24 hours. Tune in to the radio station on Radio Emanuel from Albania. Enjoy endless programs in Christian, gospel, talk genres.

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Radio Emanuel
Radio Emanuel