Radio Dardania

Radio Dardania is an exclusively Albanian music station. This station broadcasting from Albania lives 24 hours with various kind of latest Albanian music. This station was first air in 2004 with world music. Now here schedule broadcast various programs in a specific time, here provides Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, and R&B Hits music, etc. The programs are dynamic Albanian music like pop, RnB, hip-hop, tallava, mourning, etc. Radio Dardania is a super medium for you, it enables you to share your feelings, message, dedication song with friends or family. Radio Dardania is a non-profit organization and manages its overall operation by advertisements and donations. It was created to stay and remain a recognized name in the Balkan and europian areas. Now, this radio station is spread in all Albanian talking territories with its attractive Albanian music.

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Radio Dardania
Radio Dardania