Radio Infinit

INFinit Radio broadcasts its programs with dance, electronic and pop music. This station has a popular playlist for its socially and culturally diverse audience. This station makes you happy, jolly by its all genres of music, especially dance, pop/dance, house e Balkan (Albanian) music. Generally here provide hottest hit programs of various genres of music especially the genre of dance makes this radio station a very persuasive online radio to especially the dance music lovers. If you love dance music than you, of course, will love the programs of INFinit Radio as this is filled with top-class party music from popular DJ’s and more. In addition, here also broadcast a variety of information and entertainment programmers, like, current news, basketball, and soccer update by local productions. Their productions and information based programs contain such as current affairs, Current & Hit music, cultural, entertainment, drama & movies and sports fields. They are working as a connection between listeners and music by its diverse programs.

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INFinit Radio
INFinit Radio