Alfa & Omega Radio

Alfa & Omega Radio is a radio station broadcasting a Christian religious format from the Tirane, Albania. There are various religious programs broadcast from this station that conveys the living hope to her listeners. The radio first started broadcasting in July 1999 in Tirana, Albania. The aim of Alpha & Omega radio station is to believe in Christ and God and provide various related historical aspects, songs, talks, conversation and more. The objective of the radio is to spread the Word of God through many programs and chosen songs, to help the listeners understand that they need Jesus as their personal redeemer. At the same time, the radio aims to boost and strengthen the faith of all believers in their walk with the Lord. It is a popular radio station from Albania. This station broadcast in the Albanian language. This Radio Station invites you to listen to it every day to find motivation, peace, inspiration, and happiness through their religious programs. Listen to Alfa & Omega Radio Station and get spiritual freshness.

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Alfa e Omega Radio
Alfa e Omega Radio